After Hours Procedures

Any time you have a general question about your childs' health or specific medical condition, you can send us a message through NextMD, our electronic patient portal. If these messages are sent when the office is closed, one of our registered nurses will address them the next time the office opens.

This website has great information on common medical illnesses including treatments and medication dosages.  Please access this portion of the
website for general medical information.

For serious or urgent medical questions, the on-call provider can be reached through the main office line (859) 331-4005.  This line is for urgent medical questions.  Please do NOT call after hours for insurance referrals, billing questions, prescription refill requests, or for scheduling appointments.

You will be directed to a voicemail to leave your name, your childs' name and birthdate, your callback number, and a summary of your concern or question about your child.